Casement Window

Choose from awnings, left and right single casements, fixed picture windows and two, three, four and five-lite multiple units. All awnings, casements and picture windows can be constructed in horizontal or vertical configurations with an internal mullion system in unlimited architectural shapes.

  • Unobstructed viewing areas
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Excellent performance and energy efficiency ratings
  • Multi-point locking systems for increased security

Bow Window

Bow windows contain four or more windows and also project outward. The windows join to form a gentle curve, or a “bow” shape. Similar to a bay window, bow windows are typically fixed and the side windows are operable.

  • Double-Hung, Casement and Picture window
  • Custom Sizing and Projection
  • Hand-Crafted Oak or Birch Wood Seatboards and Trim
  • Decorative Glass Options
  • Optional Insulated Seatboard

Bay Window

A Bay window is a decorative window that projects outward, creating a sense of open space. The most popular configuration is a central fixed window flanked by two other windows, usually casement or double-hung styles that permit ventilation. Bay windows protrude farther from a wall out into the exterior space than a bow window.

Having a Bow or Bay Window System in your home will not leave you at a loss for words when it comes to the benefits they provide. More Light. An expanded view of the outdoors. A place to curl up and read- or showcase your treasures. Elegant, unique beauty. Our bays and bows are fully customizable to match your home decor.

Garden Window

Our Garden Window projects approximately 18″ from the exterior wall.
Features and options include:

  • Top-sloped tempered insulating glass panel.
  • Externally glazed trapezoid side vents with heavy-duty roto-operator hardware with dual – point locking.
  • Center-fixed window with integral weep system.
  • Flexible bulb gaskets around all fixed and operating sash perimeters.
  • Heavy-duty screens.
  • Tempered glass shelf up to 50″ wide and wire shelf over 50″wide in Garden Window only

Slider Window

This is a traditional style window that opens by sliding the operable sash toward the center of the window. Slocomb custom-made single sliding windows can be manufactured so that either the left or right sash is operable.

2 Lite & 3 Lite Sliders

  • Sashes lift out for easy cleaning. But for added security, only lift out from the inside.
  • Heavy duty steel ball bearing rollers allow easy operation.
  • Independent weep holes for excellent drainage.
  • Sashes have equal-size glass for an appealing appearance. (2 lite only)

Sliding windows enhance your architectural style and provide optimum performance for your local climate. In the double slider, both sashes can be removed from the inside the home for easy cleaning.


Picture Window

Picture windows are stationary and cannot be opened. They are used as a main feature, providing unobstructed views while allowing a large amount of natural light indoors. Picture windows can be used alone or in a group with other window styles.

Transom windows are also stationary. These are typically smaller and are used as accents around larger windows. They allow for unobstructed light and security and can be built in a variety of shapes and sizes.

New Line of Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry!

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